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What do Bible Verse Bracelets have to do with Google?  Well, I'll tell you!  I'm testing a theory.  As a custom handcrafted jewelry designer I have a line of sterling silver Bible Verse Bracelets that can be customized with a favorite Bible Verse.  Just two weeks ago I had a coveted first page placement in an organic Google search for the keywords "Bible Verse Bracelets" and have had this spot for more than a year.  I gained this placement via hard and consistent work on my website content because, as VIEO Design instructed me, "Content is Key!".

I work on my website pretty consistently and try to keep my content fresh.  In the past few weeks I have not had a chance to add new products or blog articles.  And, what do you know, my placement for "Bible Verse Bracelets" suddenly moved to Google's second page for these key words.  I'm thinking it is the new "Caffeine" index Google just announced.  I'm going to post this blog article and see!

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